Six string samurai

six string samurai Six - String Samurai: Jeffrey Falcon, Justin McGuire, Kim De Angelo, Stephane Gauger, Clifford Hugo, Oleg Bernov, Igor Yuzov, Zhenya. With every sword-brandishing, guitar-playing dreamer on the road to Vegas, it's a crowded path to the top. The " Six - String Samurai " is Buddy. A description of tropes appearing in Six String Samurai. In an alternate world, Russia and the U.S. nearly destroyed each other in nuclear war in , with.

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A little person instructs Buddy to "follow the yellow brick road ". As the duo travel through the desert wasteland, the heavy metal -playing Death stages several attempts to prevent Buddy from reaching Lost Vegas alive and claim the throne for himself. The Kid then melts Death away with a canteen full of water. Jeffrey Falcon , Lance Mungia. Best Sci-Fi Movies The best-reviewed ranked! It's good to know that in all the alternative realities there are out there that in at least one Wolfman Jack lives on!!! Retrieved 3 December


Six String Samurai: Final Battle (Movie clip)

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